Friday, July 15, 2011

My Must Have Beauty Products for Summer

Hey Y’all!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, I know I'm in a great mood; everything is good, and most important I have faith that it will be beautiful day in Seattle (let's all keep our fingers crossed). It's Friday and I know that ole Mr. Sun will finally decided to grace us with his presence this weekend and will shine all over The Town. So with the sun out and me just coming back from my mini vacay to Houston, TX (which it was 95 degrees and above everyday)I thought I would share some of my favorite summer beauty products with you. These are truly some things you shouldn’t go without this season:

Bronzer .  If you’re like me and unable to get that tanned summery glow to your skin, bronzer is a great fix. It
adds beautiful warmth and depth to the skin and helps give you that Sun Goddess look that essential for the season. Plus for those days when you really don’t feel like putting on any heavy foundation just apply some bronzer instead for a light sun-kissed look.

Try: Covergirl Queen Collection has three beautiful bronzers that really stand out on all shades of brown. I also like Maybelline’s Dream Matt Mouse Bronzer.

Bright Lips. These are SOOO in right now but in all actuality when are they not “in”? The color I fell in love with for summer and that you should try are shades of coral and orange. I have seen variations of these shades on many people with many different skin tones and it really complimented them all. If you really what to add some pop to your make-up try a bright lip and it’s guaranteed to do the trick.

Bright Coral Blush. I can’t mention coral lips without then directing you to coral cheeks. This bright and refreshing look is GREAT for this summer… Coral is really a color that not only perks up your look, but just like the lip color it also looks great on all skin tones.  

Try: Maybelline’s Sweet Melon Blush (limited edition) from their FIT collection. This is what I’m currently wearing and I feel it does wonders for my skin…. 

Bright Neon Nail Polish: Bright neon colors are truly the way to go for this summer even when it comes to your nails.  Vibrant colors like neon yellow, florescent green and hot pink will help your fingertips shine and stand out just like the sun, on these bright summer days.  

Sunscreen: I could not give you my summer essentials without adding sunscreen. This is so important and could possibly be my #1 product that I can’t live without during the hotter months of the year. Sunscreen is supposed to help protect you from harmful UVA and UVB rays which cause skin disease and cancers. Also with proper use it can slow down some signs of aging. So make sure if you’re planning on spending a day in the sun, you protect your skin with sunscreen.   

So those are my Must Have Beauty Products for this summer. Be sure to let me know what you think and if you try any of them out write back to tell me how they worked for you. Lastly remember summer is your time to try out new colors in make-up, sweet and crisper smells in perfumes, wilder hair styles, and cooler clothes. So if nothing else try to be a little more BOLD and step outside your comfort zone
Thanks for having you daily Piece of Pie xoxoxo


Today I decided to add a new layer to the Pie and introduce Fierce Friday's. I will use this section to shine some light on people that definitely are making a statement and catch my attention... Since I just got back from my vacation in Houston (wonderful I might add) I thought I would share some pictures from the party I went to Saturday night. 

This was truly was an event to remember. Me and my girls really enjoyed ourselves and had a GREAT time. Here are some of the people I seen who really stood out and showed me how they Step-Out in H-Town:

These ladies did their thing and of course there were so many more but I can't get them all! And since we are are talking about Houston, it would not be right unless I mention the Fierce's H-Town native I of them all...

                   She is showing us all who runs the world and what being fierce is all about.
                 Her is my favorite song from her newly released album 4. "COUNTDOWN"

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Friday, July 1, 2011


Trey Songz: Wonder Woman
I wonder woman, are you my kinda woman...With back like that you fly like jets, 

How Did They Beat The Murder Cases Because They Were Definitely Killin Them.

Last week I told about some of events that would be taking place in The Town last weekend. Well me and the rest of the lovely ladies of WE ALL WE GOT (if you don't know about us, I SUGGEST YOU FIND OUT) decided to step out Friday night and make an appearance at Terrence Williams birthday party. The party took place at Ibiza Night Club located in Downtown Seattle and it truly was fun filled event. The promoters (shout out to First Class Ent. and the Good Life Inc) said it was gonna be a movie and that's exactly what it turn out to be, a star studded Motion Picture. I'm telling y'all don't sleep on Seattle and our night life. WE GET IT IN!!!

Here are some pictures from the event:
                                                          WE ALL WE GOT in full effect.
Erica J. (visit her blog @, Shari, My Self, and Miluan

My whole crew is BAD!!! While your crew comes out to play, we come to slay. We step out flyer than eagles, killing chicks like butchers and we never feel any guilt nor any remorse because we can't sympathize w/ you simple chicks. WE ALL WE GOT!!!!
                                                                   3/4 of the crew...
 The ladies of WE ALL WE GOT and America's Top Photographer himself Carlos Imani

 Us w/ Mr. First Class Ent. Jamar Jones (make sure you visit him on FB to see what events are going on in The Town)
Those Faces
 Turn around... Stick it out... Even white boys have to shout: BABY GOT BACK!!!!
 MuMu always showing out. Gotta Love her!!!
I told ya'll we be killing them, Shari even got the bloodily bottoms to prove it!

 I told her to dispose of the evidence but she wanted to keep them to show everyone what we're capable of.

 All the N#%$@s Love Us, YOU AIN'T MESSIN WE OUR DOUGIE!!!
"We some dimes that bottom line, we on our Diva sh**. We in those 4 seaters flexin out, lip stick on, with Gucci kicks. Stupid fine, don't waste your time. Boy get off that groupie sh** EVERYBODY KNOW WE GUCCI CHICKS!!! "
 Ms. CeeCee and Ms. Love showed us how fancy they could get...

Really... Those other chicks are luke warm ain't NO WAY they can ever be hot. They're all a vampire chicks meaning... THEY ALL SUCK AND WILL NEVER GET ANY SHINE!!!! Check the caliber of chick we are. We shoot for heads, which mean we shoot for dead. KILLIN THEM! We're ambitious. FORGET FICTITIOUS. On the road to riches & they're all rolling on the wrong route!!!