Friday, July 15, 2011


Today I decided to add a new layer to the Pie and introduce Fierce Friday's. I will use this section to shine some light on people that definitely are making a statement and catch my attention... Since I just got back from my vacation in Houston (wonderful I might add) I thought I would share some pictures from the party I went to Saturday night. 

This was truly was an event to remember. Me and my girls really enjoyed ourselves and had a GREAT time. Here are some of the people I seen who really stood out and showed me how they Step-Out in H-Town:

These ladies did their thing and of course there were so many more but I can't get them all! And since we are are talking about Houston, it would not be right unless I mention the Fierce's H-Town native I of them all...

                   She is showing us all who runs the world and what being fierce is all about.
                 Her is my favorite song from her newly released album 4. "COUNTDOWN"

Thanks for getting you daily Piece of Pie xoxoxo

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