Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bad Chicks Blog

Today I decided to put a face to the blog. A lot of times we read the post, comment on the photos, and seek advice from our favorite bloggers but never get a chance to match a face to the one’s we choose to follow. Well today I thought I would change that. I decided to put the spot light on a fellow blogger Ms. Erica J. creator of one of my favorite blog sites, “Settle Chicks Have Fashion”. She hails from the Emerald City (Seattle DuH) and took it upon herself to start her blog in order to bring Seattle’s most fashionable to the for front and show the world that we Seattle “chicks” are fly and be killing the world with our fashion choices too. I just love her site and the diversity in the posts. Plus she’s so fly herself that you can’t help but to take what she has to say and her opinions as correct. Although new to the blogger world I think she has the potential and drive to rule one day. So make sure you keep your eye on my girl and you never know, it may be you who is featured on the Seattle Chick’s Have Fashion page next. 

                                                               Ms. Erica J. Clark
       (Creator of the Settle Chicks Have Fashion blog site:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finding My Inner Glamor

Wikipedia defines Glamor as: an appearance of enhanced attractiveness.
Webster defines it as: an alluring or fascinating attraction.

STRIPPED: fresh out the shower, face and hair just washed. NO make-up, NO weave, NOT EVEN LIP GLOSS!!!! JUST ME IN MY NATURAL STATE.

In today's society I feel like the allure of glamor has been lost. Everyone wants to look alike. I believe that real glamor stems from a persons uniqueness and creativity. A style and appeal that you can call your own. Glamor is in the allure of a confident woman and radiates all around her. It's not in the price tags on clothing she chooses to depute to the world . There are great things that are glamorous and expensive, but if put in the hands of an insecure woman, that item can instantly lose it's glamorous appeal and in some cases the very value which made the woman choose it in the first place. A lot of us women are always looking for approval from the outside, well I say it's about time we look ourselves in the mirror and learn how to accept and like what we see -flaws and all. I've come to realize that glamor is not necessarily in an item, but it's in the inner being of the person. A true diva exudes glamor, she doesn't look for it.

My personal thoughts and some taken from a blogger I like to follow.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Seattle Chicks Have Fashion!: From What I Hear, they are "All WE Got"!!!

Look what I found from a fellow blogger here in Seattle. IT'S ME and my "WE ALL WE GOT GIRLS"!!!! I had to re-post it. I love Ms. Clarks blog. I am so happy to see some one is finally shedding the light on us Seattle Chick's and letting the world know we have style and can dress our butts off too... So make sure you all stay tuned to my girls blog. You never know her next Hot Chick could be you!!!
Seattle Chicks Have Fashion!: From What I Hear, they are "All WE Got"!!!: "Here are a few lovely ladies from Seattle of Course. Ive heard that they call themselves 'We All We Got' !!! Very Catchy name. Ive heard the..."

Thursday, June 23, 2011


The week is winding down and the weekend will soon be here. With that being said I know that a lot of my fellow Seattleites would like to know what they should get into around THE TOWN because let's face it NO ONE wants to be the one stuck in the house and with a jam packed weekend like we're gonna have NO ONE should have to. So I decided to put together a list of events that will definitely be THE TALK OF THE TOWN...

Thursday, June 23, 2011 TONIGHT!!!!

NBA Draft Party  "Local Celebrity" Starring: YOU! 
This party is hosted by the fellas of The Good Life, Inc, City Lights, and First Class, Ent. some of Seattle's hottest promotion teams. They are known  for throwing some of the best parties in THE TOWN and I'm sure this one won't be any different. So if you want to kick it tonight with my guys Jamar, Shaitan, Brayant, Benito, AK and Mr. Photo Magic himself, Carlos Imani join them in Bell Town at Copper Cart Cafe and Lounge. Doors open at 9:00pm 

Video Vixen Model Call w/ Special Guest Host Brittany Dailey & Director Taj Stansberry @ Sky Lounge
If you think you got what it takes to be the next Keeshia Dior, Rosa Acosta, or in this case Brittany Dailey, this may just be your BIG BREAK! One of the A-List music video directors, Taj Stansberry also know as Popular Kid will be scouting for fresh talent with the help of the beautiful video vixen Brittany Dailey. So come out to Sky Lounge in Bellevue and strut your stuff, you never know you may be strutting it the next big video. Doors open at 9 and I heard it may be packed so get there early!!!!

Friday, June 24,201
You guys have heard him on Chris Brown's "Deuces", with Travis Porter on their hit song "Down Low" and of course with his Young Money Family, well now you'll be able to see him live... Yes Tyga will be here in Seattle this Friday performing live at iMusic. This party is presented by Avery Bradley of the Boston Celtics and Sky Movement artist Clemm Rishad and hosted by Seattle #1 hit music station, KUBE 93's Eddie Francis. This is said to be a party to remember so if you want to be apart of the memory I suggest you get there early, doors open at 9pm.

 Love Fridays At Venom Nightclub !!!
Friday nights just got a whole lot more love in them thanks to the team of some of Seattle's best event planners RTMG/MISS CASEY CARTER/M&M MEDIA GROUP/GENUINE SEATTLE/FRESH N DEF/DJ CHARMA. If your planning for a Ladies Night Out this will be the perfect place to go. Ladies in free all night and great drink specials. So round up your girls and hit up Love Fridays at Venom, doors open at 9pm
Terrence Williams Bday Bash Hosted by Nate Robinson & Vanessa Veasley
My fellas from Good Life Inc, First Class Ent, and City Lights are at it again... This event is said to be one of the BIGGEST birthday parties of the summer here in THE TOWN. Come out and help Seattle's own Terrence Williams of the Houston Rockets celebrate is birthday this Friday. The party will be hosted by Nate Robinson of the OKC Thunder and Video Vixen/Model Vanessa Veasley!! This will be a A list event and the Red Carpet will be rolled out for some very special guest from the NBA's Portland Trailblazers, Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks and NFL's Seattle Seahawks!!! This event is truly the talk of The Town and I guaranty you don't wanna miss out on this conversation. So come come to Ibiza Nightclub & Lounge, doors open at 9pm.

CHOOSIN' SEASON ft. Royce the Choice  @ Twilight
Cloud 9 Productions, NDemand Ent, Fresh Ent, and It's Us Ent bring you CHOOSIN' SEASON! Summer is fianlly here so you know it's about time to start making your selections! This event will be hosted none other than hip hop artist and The Town's own Royce the Choice w/ special guest DJ Uncle Guy. This is a party you will not want to sleep on!!! So if your choosin to make this event your destination for the night come to Twilight Martini Lounge, doors open at 9pm.

As you all can see there is a lot going on around these parts this weekend. I hope I was able to help you make plans to get off the couch and experience want The Town has to offer. I surely will be narrowing down my choices and getting out. So if you see me don't hesitate to say hey I'll be the one Killin The Game... LOL!!!!

Well until next time, thanks for getting your daily Slice of Pie XOXOXO

Let All Strive To Be Ladies!!!!

                         Lena Horne will always be remember for her Lady Like demeanor. A true example to the word.

I was raised with the notion that Girl's grow up to be Women  and Women adapt and maintain to be Ladies...knowing this information I always tied to strive to figure out what was the definition of a "Lady" and what did the phase  "Being A Lady" actually mean. I can recall as a girl being told "sit up straight, Ladies are poise and don't slouch", "chew with your mouth closed, Ladies don't show their food while they're eating", "cross your legs when you sit down, Ladies don't sit with legs open", "comb your hair, wash your face, put on decent clothing; Ladies don't walk out the house looking any type of way", and my personal favorite "always act like a Lady, you never know who is watching". After repeatedly being told these things on a daily basis doing them just became second nature to me. I made sure when I sat my legs were crossed, when stood my back was straight and head high, I always chewed my food with my mouth closed and never smacked, and I never left the house looking crazy. All of this became easy to me because it was drilled in me since I was a young child. But I always had trouble figuring out what it meant to always "Act Like A Lady"... did doing those things automatically put in the category and give me the title of "Lady" and did doing something that may not be considered "Lady Like" once or twice in my life automatically cross me off the Lady List. Well as I've gotten older I've realized that "Being A Lady" isn't only in your actions but also in your attitude. It's the way you present yourself and the way you allow others to treat you. It's a package deal which I'm striving to obtain and learn how to adapt to everyday. It's a learning experience and growing process. Do I sometimes step out of line and do things which I know may not fit the mold???...YES, I am only human, with feelings and different reactions to different situations. But I've learn that women and ladies learn how to think and not react on impulse. Before making a decision we take into count the consequence that could result in said actions and what it would do to the image we want to be perceived to those watching us ie "A woman that is a True Lady acts accordingly because she never knows who is watching". 
 I choose to include a chapter from TD. Jakes book "The Grace to Be a Lady and the Strength to Endure" to go along with today's entry. It has truly helped me on my journey to both Lady and Womanhood and I hope it could do the same for you.

Until next time, thanks for having your daily Piece of Pie!

"Excellence is an ambition, not a pedigree. Its about the woman's destiny, not her origin. Excellence speaks to her self-perception and the standards that she will not deviate from. It draws a line in the sand and says, 'Nothing less than this will do in my life anymore'!"

A woman of excellence knows what she deserves and will work tirelessly to attain it. Do not be discouraged if you have failed or fallen in the past. Excellence is not based on past performances. It is a title given to someone who persisted and rose above her calamities. A woman of excellence is armed with a road map that is marked, and her destination has been set. This woman has a blueprint for living. She is not wandering aimlessly and hoping to be found by someone. She is driving on what some call the road less traveled--a road only the great travel. And she knows exactly where she wants to go. She has a certain something about her. Some will call it arrogance; others will smirk and suggest that she has forgotten where she came from. Boy, are they mistaken. It is the memory of where she was that gives her the strength to arise and keep driving.

"A woman of excellence is like a thoroughbred, graceful and strong, creature of rare beauty. She is a winner. She is a diamond that has started as coal but turned into a jewel. She is as rich in class as white wine served in a chilled, gold-stemmed goblet, whirled around and then sniffed before tasting. She is an exquisite wonder that this generation seldom beholds.What can i say? She is
simply a lady."
-TD. Jakes