Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finding My Inner Glamor

Wikipedia defines Glamor as: an appearance of enhanced attractiveness.
Webster defines it as: an alluring or fascinating attraction.

STRIPPED: fresh out the shower, face and hair just washed. NO make-up, NO weave, NOT EVEN LIP GLOSS!!!! JUST ME IN MY NATURAL STATE.

In today's society I feel like the allure of glamor has been lost. Everyone wants to look alike. I believe that real glamor stems from a persons uniqueness and creativity. A style and appeal that you can call your own. Glamor is in the allure of a confident woman and radiates all around her. It's not in the price tags on clothing she chooses to depute to the world . There are great things that are glamorous and expensive, but if put in the hands of an insecure woman, that item can instantly lose it's glamorous appeal and in some cases the very value which made the woman choose it in the first place. A lot of us women are always looking for approval from the outside, well I say it's about time we look ourselves in the mirror and learn how to accept and like what we see -flaws and all. I've come to realize that glamor is not necessarily in an item, but it's in the inner being of the person. A true diva exudes glamor, she doesn't look for it.

My personal thoughts and some taken from a blogger I like to follow.

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