Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bad Chicks Blog

Today I decided to put a face to the blog. A lot of times we read the post, comment on the photos, and seek advice from our favorite bloggers but never get a chance to match a face to the one’s we choose to follow. Well today I thought I would change that. I decided to put the spot light on a fellow blogger Ms. Erica J. creator of one of my favorite blog sites, “Settle Chicks Have Fashion”. She hails from the Emerald City (Seattle DuH) and took it upon herself to start her blog in order to bring Seattle’s most fashionable to the for front and show the world that we Seattle “chicks” are fly and be killing the world with our fashion choices too. I just love her site and the diversity in the posts. Plus she’s so fly herself that you can’t help but to take what she has to say and her opinions as correct. Although new to the blogger world I think she has the potential and drive to rule one day. So make sure you keep your eye on my girl and you never know, it may be you who is featured on the Seattle Chick’s Have Fashion page next. 

                                                               Ms. Erica J. Clark
       (Creator of the Settle Chicks Have Fashion blog site:

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