Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let All Strive To Be Ladies!!!!

                         Lena Horne will always be remember for her Lady Like demeanor. A true example to the word.

I was raised with the notion that Girl's grow up to be Women  and Women adapt and maintain to be Ladies...knowing this information I always tied to strive to figure out what was the definition of a "Lady" and what did the phase  "Being A Lady" actually mean. I can recall as a girl being told "sit up straight, Ladies are poise and don't slouch", "chew with your mouth closed, Ladies don't show their food while they're eating", "cross your legs when you sit down, Ladies don't sit with legs open", "comb your hair, wash your face, put on decent clothing; Ladies don't walk out the house looking any type of way", and my personal favorite "always act like a Lady, you never know who is watching". After repeatedly being told these things on a daily basis doing them just became second nature to me. I made sure when I sat my legs were crossed, when stood my back was straight and head high, I always chewed my food with my mouth closed and never smacked, and I never left the house looking crazy. All of this became easy to me because it was drilled in me since I was a young child. But I always had trouble figuring out what it meant to always "Act Like A Lady"... did doing those things automatically put in the category and give me the title of "Lady" and did doing something that may not be considered "Lady Like" once or twice in my life automatically cross me off the Lady List. Well as I've gotten older I've realized that "Being A Lady" isn't only in your actions but also in your attitude. It's the way you present yourself and the way you allow others to treat you. It's a package deal which I'm striving to obtain and learn how to adapt to everyday. It's a learning experience and growing process. Do I sometimes step out of line and do things which I know may not fit the mold???...YES, I am only human, with feelings and different reactions to different situations. But I've learn that women and ladies learn how to think and not react on impulse. Before making a decision we take into count the consequence that could result in said actions and what it would do to the image we want to be perceived to those watching us ie "A woman that is a True Lady acts accordingly because she never knows who is watching". 
 I choose to include a chapter from TD. Jakes book "The Grace to Be a Lady and the Strength to Endure" to go along with today's entry. It has truly helped me on my journey to both Lady and Womanhood and I hope it could do the same for you.

Until next time, thanks for having your daily Piece of Pie!

"Excellence is an ambition, not a pedigree. Its about the woman's destiny, not her origin. Excellence speaks to her self-perception and the standards that she will not deviate from. It draws a line in the sand and says, 'Nothing less than this will do in my life anymore'!"

A woman of excellence knows what she deserves and will work tirelessly to attain it. Do not be discouraged if you have failed or fallen in the past. Excellence is not based on past performances. It is a title given to someone who persisted and rose above her calamities. A woman of excellence is armed with a road map that is marked, and her destination has been set. This woman has a blueprint for living. She is not wandering aimlessly and hoping to be found by someone. She is driving on what some call the road less traveled--a road only the great travel. And she knows exactly where she wants to go. She has a certain something about her. Some will call it arrogance; others will smirk and suggest that she has forgotten where she came from. Boy, are they mistaken. It is the memory of where she was that gives her the strength to arise and keep driving.

"A woman of excellence is like a thoroughbred, graceful and strong, creature of rare beauty. She is a winner. She is a diamond that has started as coal but turned into a jewel. She is as rich in class as white wine served in a chilled, gold-stemmed goblet, whirled around and then sniffed before tasting. She is an exquisite wonder that this generation seldom beholds.What can i say? She is
simply a lady."
-TD. Jakes

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