Monday, August 8, 2011

Alone But Never Lonely....

Post via Jamar Jones:  "Getting His Name Tatted Or Having His Baby Will NOT Make Him Stay, Silly Girls :)"

When I seen this all I could do was shake my head. I think we as females often get ourselves SOOOO caught and wrapped up in the men that we allow in our company, that we forget who we are and what we stand for individually. We get so indulged  that we just can't fathom who we would be and what our life would be like if one day they decided to remove them selves from our equation. Often  we go against our best judgment and take first class seats on the stupid buss just to do any and everything in our power to make sure that never happens and we never have to experience what it's like to be alone. We make "on a whim" decisions like getting their name tattooed on our body, consenting to and often prompting  a pregnancy, dropping out of school to be closer to them, moving in with them or more-often letting them move in with us, become their sole provider and supporter finically, letting them use our car while we take the bus, allow them to treat and talk to us any kind of way, all the while making excuses for his actions and the list goes on and on.... We all have done something in life to dumb ourselves down in order for our relationship status on Facebook to not read single.  But its time the we start learning how to and  be  more confident in who we are as women. We need to find our inner ME and learn that that's all we need. Stop harvesting this crazy mentality within our selves that just because we may find ourselves being single, it does not mean that we are inadequate or less than a woman without the relationship of a man. But most important I need for us to stop riding the stupid bus for a while and start making better decisions when it comes to our lives and the relationships we keep.

STOP getting tattoos that will last forever of men that we know for a fact aren't about nothing and probably never had any intentions on staying with you any longer than two weeks.

STOP figuring out ways to get yourself pregnant by a man who has no job, place of own, goals on become something or plans that he can soon put into motion. And FYI if he already has 3 kids by 3 other babies mommas, that he doesn't see or do anything for, 9 times out of 10 your baby will not become the GOLDEN child and/or exception to the rule.

STOP dropping out of school just so you can be closer to your man. That has to be dumbest thing a woman could ever do in life. Any man that allows or suggest that you do this is not the one for you. Plus how do you plan on bettering your relationship if you already given up and failed on bettering yourself? No one is guaranteed to be in your life forever but Jesus and even he wouldn't tell you to do something stupid like that.

STOP shaking up with these men who are not and have NO INTENTIONS on being your husband. If your apartment gives you a better commitment (i.e. 1 year lease) than your man can (i.e. no ring and guaranteed future with one other) than I would definitely re-think that whole scenario. That will only bring more trouble and add more confusion to your already shaky relationship.

STOP giving all your hard earned money to a man that can't get out and get his own. You need to tell your man that he needs to stop being TOMMY (Martin reference) and go out and get job!

STOP letting him ride around in YOUR car while out there walking or taking the bus. He ain't Jody and You ain't Yevette, get YOUR car back.... I STOLE MY CAR JODY!!!

Last and most important, STOP allowing these men to talk to you and treat you any kind of way. A man is only going to do what is allowed and tolerated. So if you don't have any standards for yourself I suggest you figure some out and start applying them to your life and the way you allow others to treat you. Know that you were beautifully and wonderfully made. A divine creature with great attributes and are seen as a Queen in someones eyes. If your man doesn't treat you like royalty, I am more than positive that their is someone out there who will.

Thanks for having you daily Piece of Pie...until next time!!!!

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