Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wild'Out on Wale Wednesday...

An AMBITIOUS GIRL and I just want to win. Realizing that I rather chase my dreams than to try to chase these men, that try to chase these skirts, that try to chase those shots with flavors that aren't even as sweet as me.

Lately I have been on this Wale kick ever since I heard his song Ambitious Girl... It really made me take a step back to re-evaluate my life, the decisions I've made, the future I'm building for myself and the life I intend on having. The song motivates me to stay on track and continue to reach for the goals I've set for myself. I feel unlike most rappers who only choose to degrade and undermine the women they refer to in their songs, Wale tries a different approach and encourages us to go further and aspire to be more than just a cute face with a big waist, which is a rarity in the society we live in. I encourage every lady to listen to Wale's Ambitious Girls part 1 and 2 and just in case you don't have the time to look it up for yourself I've went on ahead and posted it below. I hope you enjoy it. XOXOXOXO

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