Thursday, October 13, 2011

Don't Trick Yourself...TREAT YOURSELF to these Hollywood, Halloween Inspirations.

As you all know Halloween is right round the corner (18 days to be exact), and even though I have never been one to do whole dress-up thing (I think I was Princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin, once in elementary school) I still like the whole idea of it. I even was considering it for this year, which is what inspired me for this entry. I was going through some of the costume books I received in mail and thought that none of their selections looked original enough for me try. So then I started looking in my Essense magazine and I came across a picture of Nicki Minaj in her get-up at the MTV Music Awards this year and thought to myself "that's a horrible awards ensemble  but it would make a wonderful Halloween costume". This made me go through some more of my magazines and look online for some other famous looks that could easily be transformed into GREAT costumes for Halloween. I came across quite a few and of course I figured I should share them with you all, so you too can get your creative juices flowing and what's so great about this concept is a lot of these things you could probably find in your own closet and won't have to spend a penny or save money by shopping for the recycled looks at thrift stores.... 
Nikki Minaj 
the Creative Genus 

As I stated earlier Nikki Minaj may not always have the most fashion forward looks that can be worn everyday but her style and outfits of choice couldn't be considered anything less than creative and unique. Which I feel are two GREAT combinations when it comes to Halloween costumes.

the Queen B of High Fashion Glam 

My personal favorite Miss Queen B... Beyonce. Just like our girl Nikki, B's style is unique and truly a look of her own. It is a mix of high glam and dramatic style, which would be perfect if you want to bring out that inner DIVA in you on Halloween. I personally am considering something along these lines. Maybe something like the last picture posted with her and Lady GaGa.

Lady GaGa
the Bold Risk Taker 

Speaking of GaGa, you know I couldn't mention her w/o featuring her as a look of choice for this Halloween. Her look is truly one for the risk takers out there because her style is BOLD, flashy, unique, and unless done very carefully one that can not be duplicated. But if done right could and  would make a AWESOME costume for this Halloween.

the Diva with a Simplistic Sense of Style 

Last but certainly not least we have my girl RIRI ... She too like Beyonce has a look that could be considered high glam and truly fashion forward. Even though her looks are very unique they may be the simplest to emulate for your costume of choice. Her looks could very well be completed by items you may have in your own closet or with items that won't cost you more than a couple of bucks at a thrift/discount store . Either way, to go with a look like hers could save yourself some money and time looking for custom pieces that may not available   

So these are just a few ladies whose sense of style would make perfect choices as Halloween costumes but there are hundreds out there. Do your research to see which style icon's look would best fit you. Just be sure to remember whatever you decide, make sure your comfortable and the outfit you choose is one that YOU love. Also, keep a look out for more Halloween costume ideas here on my blog throughout the month. 
Until next time... Thanks for having your daily PIECE OF PIE XOXO!!!!

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