Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Model Behavior...Halloween Inspirations

Hello Loves!!!! As you all know Halloween is approaching fast and as promised, I decided to bring you some more costume inspirations that would be perfect for the upcoming holiday; and I thought to myself... who or what would be the best subject to draw inspiration from other then the people who get paid to play dress-up and transform themselves everyday... MODELS of course!!!! So I've selected a few snap shots from some editorial pieces that I feel would be great to try to emulate for this Halloween. S/N: If you are looking for Halloween make-up ideas check out: http://seattlechickshavefashion.blogspot.com/  the site is featuring make-up artist @mariancl who has inspirations such as Lion King, Egyptian Goddess, Animal Prints and much, much more. Make sure you go check her out.

Joan Smalls as Micheal Jackson 

Joan Smalls as Tupac Shukur 

Joan Smalls as Prince

Joan is showing us that with the right outfit and attitude you can pretty much transform yourself into anyone and have fun doing it. And ladies let this be lesson to you... You don't have to just sick to the female influences; step out the box and be creative when choosing your costume. Well until next time... thanks for having your daily Piece of PieXOXOXO

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