Thursday, October 6, 2011

Everything Seems Amazing When You See The View Through Rose Colored Glasses

Happy Thursday Y'all!!!! I am so excited and it's not just because I have 1 more day to the weekend, but I get so happy everytime I come across a new online find. Today while on (which happens to be one of my fav websites BTW) I looked at their Fashion Bombshell of the Day post which featured Charlie, a fashion stylist from LA and from the look's of it, she's very good at what she does. So after reading up on her on Fashion Bomb I decided to go view her blog page ( and show some love to a fellow blogger chick. On her page I seen some great post and also found out that she also has an embellished eye wear line called BLINDFOLD Eyewear that's based in her hometown of Los Angles, California. After viewing that website (  I became an instant FAN FAV!!! I love her pieces. They are truly unique and different and something that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection. So you guys should check out her web page and even her FB page and support her hustle... Thanks for having your daily Piece of Pie, hope you liked it XOXOXO

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