Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Embrace the BEAUTIFULNESS of YOU!!!

"I was beautifully and wonderfully made"

HEY LOVES ....This morning after reading an article by Essence magazine's Editor-In-Chief, Constance C.R. White entitled Our Own Standards of Beauty” (November 2011 issue of Essence Magazine), I decided that every day I am going to wake up & give myself conformation that I was beautifully and wonderfully made. Everything about me is the way it's supposed to be and the fact that I'm ME is why I DAZZLE. And when I step out onto the court of my life, I'm am not going to hesitate to strut a little, because I am the only the me there is, which makes me the BEST and most VALUED Ashleigh "Leighanton'e" McCurdy there ever will be. After coming to this conclusion for myself I then thought, this should be an attitude that every woman should possess, especially my fellow women of color but I know far too many of them do not. So I wanted to just take it upon myself to tell anyone who just might come across this blog that "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" because just as Ms. White expresses in the article "Every woman has the right to have her beauty recognized" and should never hesitate to put it on display for the world to admire. Rather than take someone else's assessment of your beauty and attractiveness, learn to trust your own judgment and start forming your own opinions on the matter. We must learn how to appreciate and embrace the person God created us be and remember that He never makes mistakes. So if you're light skin OWN IT , if you're dark skin LOVE IT  and if you fall somewhere in between, never let anyone stop you from being WONDERFUL YOU!!!! Always remember to walk with your shoulders back, head held high, a smile on your face, and little strut in your step because GIRL YOU GOTTA GOING ON!!!! 

Until next time, thanks for having your daily Piece of PieXOXOXO

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