Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Motivation

Tell him... Baby I'm a STAR tonight
I'm up in the sky tonight
for the world to see 
I aint thinkin bout YOU 
Baby imma do ME tonight
Said Baby I'm a STAR tonight 
I'm up in the sky tonight
So give me one more dream 

HAPPY MONDAY LOVES!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today I thought I would give you guys some Monday Motivation through song (you know, switch it up a bit). As I was growing up my mother would always play different songs and call them them her "Life's Theme Songs" and then she would tell me that everyone should have a song that they can always refer to or play that represented them and the attitude they have on life. She told me that when ever this song is played, it should instantly change your attitude for the better and act as your one stop, pick me up... So today I decided to share my "Life's Theme Song"as my mother would call it. It's titled I'm A Star by Chrisette Michele. This is my instant energy and confidence booster. I absolutely ADORE this song. The lyrics just speak to me and brighten my spirit. I hope after listening to it, it too will become one of your favorites. But before I go I want to leave you with my favorite lyrics to the song, I hope it will somehow encourage and motivate you through the day and the rest of your work week. Until Next time, thanks for having you daily Piece of PieXOXOXO 

I'm A Star
Rain starts pouring and it don't stop... Let myself drown no i will not. I just put a smile on my pretty mug. I get right back on my horse and i giddy upI'm in the sky and I wont drop. Have a piece of my pie no you will not!!! But if you feel like me and it is what it is, then whats it gone be tonight....

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