Thursday, October 13, 2011

Truthful Thursday Testimonials

It takes pressure to make a diamond but once it's finished going through the fire it will last 

though anything and be around forever.

Nothing in this life comes easy, managing yourself and the life you choose to live is hard work. Life is not and will not be full of sunshine, flowers blooming, and birds chirping every day, no matter how red the rose colored glasses you wear could be. Some days will be rough and things may not work out or go according to plan you have. YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES!!!  But you will also learn and grow through the experience and knowledge gained by making them.  It’s the mistakes you have that help shape the character and person you are/become. The key is to never allow you-self to become afraid of the mistakes that are destined to occur. You must embrace them and look forward to the future knowledge/life experience you will gain. Learn how to practice falling will grace so it will be easier to get up with pose. 

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